Four Sally Hansen Nail Treatments

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Four Sally Hansen Nail Treatments
Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil 13.3ml
Double Duty Base & Top Coat 13.3ml 
Advanced Hard As Nails Strength Treatment 13.3ml
Dies Instantly Top Coat 13.3ml

Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil
Vitamin E Nail and Cuticle oil gives nails and cuticles the conditioning they need to resist daily environmental stress. For nails that resist breaking, healthy looking cuticles and more beautiful manicures.
An intensely moisturizing Vitamin E oil that softens cuticles and cares for dry, brittle nails.
Natural Essential Oil Complex with Vitamin E, Wheat Germ, Apricot Kernel,
Aloe & Panthenol moisturizes & conditions cuticles while increasing nail flexibility.

Double Duty Base & Top Coat
Keep decorated nails looking pristine with the Sally Hansen Double Duty Base and Topcoat. Diligently formulated to help protect nails and cuticles whilst simultaneously locking in colour, this compact, handy varnish works flexibly to support and encourage nail care and enhancement, providing maximum sensitivity.
Infused with Nylon, plus high-gloss and shine facilities, the intense blend helps to improve surface-level cleanliness and grace, swiftly accommodating to a diverse set of needs.

Advanced Hard As Nails Strength Treatment
Nylon formula fortified with silk proteins helps strengthen and protect nails against chipping, splitting and breaking.
Provides a super strong and smooth coating that reinforces the nail surface, edge and tip.
Protects against everyday hazards such as water, detergents and housework.
Gives nails a natural gloss and encourages them to grow longer, stronger and more beautiful.
In clear.

Dies Instantly Top Coat
The advance formula helps prevents the nails from breaking and splitting.
Gives the nails a high shine extra hard finish.
Salon tested formulas.
Easy to use.
Apply 1 coat over dry nail color to seal and strengthen.


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