Four Rimmel Colour Rush Lip Balm

Brand: Rimmel
Product Code: 4Pc
Availability: In Stock

Four assosted shades from below:
All You Need Is Pink 120
Boom Chic A Boom 210
Drive Me Nude 710
Give Me A Cuddle 100
I Want Candy 130
Make Me Blush 110
On Fire 600
Rumour Has It 220
The Redder The Better 500

Moisturising Long Lasting Lip Colour ALLURING COLOUR, TENDER LIPS… So Kissable!
Long lasting Vibrant Colour AND Moisturising Power in the same breath in the easiest gesture ever. So Vibrant… So Light… for lips good enough to eat!
How to Use
Apply directly to the lips, for a more instense colour add two coats

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